Become a Leader and make a difference in the lives of girls

Looking to Make a Difference in the Lives of Young Girls?

Join the GAALS Team.

Whether you want to volunteer in the community, or seek a paid meaningful opportunity to lead or assist in us, GAALS WANTS YOU! Make a difference in the lives of young girls with GAALS!

We love having passionate, enthusiastic women serve as leaders and mentors to our GAALSters. Regardless of age or background, the children admire and aspire to be like our leaders and gain valuable life skills and insights from them. Each leader shares her unique life experiences as she strives to relate to each child, being sure to build them up and make them feel special.


Calling all women – from young to old.

  • High school students
  • College students
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Retirees


GAALS is flexible and has varied opportunities in order to meet your needs:

  • Weekly classes for children ages 3-5 are typically from 1p to 3p (you pick a day or multiple days that work for you)
  • Preschool Camps for children ages 3-5 are held from 9:30a – 2p when public schools are open
  • Elementary School Camps for girls in Kindergarten thru 5th grades, are held 9:30am – 3pm on public holidays, school breaks and other school closings (you commit only to those days that work with your schedule – not ALL breaks)
  • Girl Scout Workshops and Parties are held after school and on weekends. If interested, you’d be contacted to determine your availability.

*High school interns are sometimes presented with paid opportunities.  On occasion, we need more leaders given the number of children signed up for our classes, camps or workshops. In these cases, we will ask for a commitment to attend and let you know that you’ll get paid. Otherwise, as an intern we are able to be flexible – meaning you can come when you would like, as we understand your priority is school and sports and sometimes need to cancel last minute. 


Classes and camps are held at various locations in and around Port Washington, New York. Workshops and parties are held in various towns throughout Long Island and Queens.


Our leaders have told us that this opportunity has not only been rewarding and fulfilling, but that our programming has taught them valuable insights and strategies, as well as enhanced their own physical, emotional and social well being.

The benefits of GAALS works on both ends of the spectrum – helping build self-esteem and confidence in children while building your own – makes becoming a leader of GAALS a win-win.

Interested? Please fill out our General Application.

Have questions or want more details, contact us and we will be happy to get back to you.


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