Camps + Events for Girls

Empowering Girls With Valuable Life Skills So They Can Build Healthy Relationships and Navigate Life Successfully.  

Camps for girls in Kindergarten – 5th grade.  Our programs build strong character, as well as recognize and enhance the strengths of each girl. Girls are encouraged to move at their own pace and set realistic goals. By applauding positive attitudes, effort and improvement, girls feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.  Program Descriptions

½ days for Port Wash Elem Schools – Register Here

  • Friday, March 13 – Jump Rope Games
  • Thursday, March 19 – Hula Hoop Party
  • Friday, March 20 – Teeter Totter Circus + Balance Games

Time: 11:45am – 2:45pm Price: $50
Location: Community Synagogue, Port Wash

Spring Break Camps – Register Here

Camp for girls in Prek through 5th grades
Middle + High School girls can join us as part of the NEW! Leadership / Mentoring Program (details below)

  • Thursday April 9 – Bring it On: Trying New Things, Goal Setting & Positivity
  • Friday April 10 – On The Ball: Responsibility, Independence & Effort
  • Monday April 13 – Be Strong And Carry On: Leadership
  • Tuesday April 14 – We Got This!: Teamwork, Compromise & Respect
  • Wednesday April 15 – Love Yourself:Building Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Thursday April 16 – Obstacle Courses: Problem Solving, Persistence & Resilience
  • Friday April 17 – You & Me: Cooperative Games

Location: Community Synagogue, Port Washington – April 10, 13,14, 16, 17 United Methodist Church, Port Washington – April 9 + 15 **See times, prices and location addresses in right column

NEW!  Spring Break Teenage Girls Leadership / Mentoring Program Register Here

We’ve finally rolled out (and tested) what you’ve been asking for! Your daughter can serve as leader /mentor for the young elementary school girls in our camps.

During her time with us, she will not only learn about leadership (specifics listed below), she will be given opportunities to try out this newly learned information. Your daughter will lead or assist younger girls in games and meaningful dialogue about their experiences. Our hope is to gradually increase your daughter’s responsibilities as the day progresses. Of course we move at their pace, but also try to gently push them to step a little outside of their comfort zone. Of course we will be right by their side to support and applaud them every step of the way!

Your daughter will walk away having learned (and in most cases, tested) the following:

  • What key qualities does a leader need to have?
  • What makes a good leader? (ie: positive communication, as well as listening and respecting others ideas)
  • What is the purpose of a team leader?
  • How to be an inspirational and motivational leader?
  • How to have more than one team leader?

Ready to roll? **See dates + location above + see times, prices and addresses in right column

elementary school camp

Have a daughter in preschool? Check our GAALS Preschool Camps. We often run them simultaneous to our elementary school camps.

MORNING $40 9:30a – 11:45a
(art project, snack, no lunch) 

EXTENDED MORNING $50 9:30a – 12:45p
(art project, snack, BYO lunch) 

FULL DAY $80 9:30a – 3:00p
(2 art projects, 2 snacks, BYO lunch) 

½ Day Afternoons $50 11:45a – 3p *only avail when elem schools close early

Leadership-Mentoring Program for Teens Enjoy a 15% discount on above rates

Note: Need early drop-off? Email us by 3pm, the prior day

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    Elementary School Camp

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Note: Registration closes at noon one day prior. Please email us after that time if you’d like to register.

Payment Options Upon Registration Checkout:


Zelle Bank Transfer + Chase Quickpay under email: dawn@GAALSusa.com


Note: Your spot is only secured once payment is received. 

Community Synagogue:
160 Middle Neck Rd, Port Washington, NY 11050

Lutheran Church:
12 Franklin Ave, Port Washington, NY 11050

United Methodist Church:
35 Middle Neck Rd, Port Washington, NY 11050

What to Wear

  • Participants should wear sneakers, gym attire and their hair up (if possible).
  • Non-restrictive shirts and pants without buttons, zippers, rhinestones, etc are preferred.
  • No jewelry and/or hair accessories that will get in their way (or they may need to remove it)


  • No food allowed other than at designated space and time determined by program leaders.
  • No gum or candy permitted at any time or place.

Personal Belongings

  • Please be sure to take all belongings with you upon leaving, as we don’t have an official lost and found and can’t be responsible for remembering what items belong to whom. If you should leave behind something that is labeled with your name, you will be notified.
  • Special items like electronic devices, purses, dolls/stuffed animals, etc. can be a distraction, so we prefer if you keep them home. If you must bring something, it will stay with your child’s belongings and will not be permitted during our program.

Payments are non-refundable. However, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from joining us.

If notified via email before the program starts, or up to one hour after, the full amount less $20 may be applied to a future event. If we do not receive an email by this time, we are sorry but we will not be able to apply a credit.

Note: When you are registering in the future and would like to apply your credit, please make a note saying, “ Please apply credit from (insert date you missed).”

On the occasion that GAALS must cancel the event, you will be notified via email and all monies will be reimbursed within 2 weeks in the original form of payment. ​

Want to help your child build confidence?

Or maybe she needs help with communication, teamwork or sportsmanship/competition skills?
Or perhaps she needs some extra help with physical skills or other life skills…
Get a group together and we’ll design a workshop just for you.
Email Us & Tell Us What You Want
Size of group needed varies by location


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