Girl Scout Workshops

GAALS Comes To Your Location to Empower Your Troop With a Customized, Unique, Fun Workshop That Helps the Girls Earn a Petal / Badge or to Enhance Their Journey.

We work closely with you to understand the goals of the troop, as well as the girls’ issues or concerns (ie: communication, excluding people, bossiness, bragging, etc). Based on our conversation, we then tailor the workshop’s activities and discussions to ensure the greatest physical, emotional and social benefits from the experience.


Signature Workshop (60 minutes)

In our Signature Workshops, troops engage in fun, active games using a wide variety of equipment and materials (which are determined by the theme, age and space). Each activity is designed to spark meaningful conversations about the topics we choose together.  The girls have a rare opportunity to connect with their peers while being guided by our facilitators.  They gain valuable insights and develop strategies to navigate their daily lives more effectively.  By sharing their experiences, each girl has the powerful realization that others have similar thoughts and feelings, which helps her to embrace, respect and value who she is.

Signature Plus 30 – Act Up (90 minutes)

In this unique and personalized experience, girls enjoy all of the same benefits of the 60-minute class plus an additional valuable half hour where we incorporate role playing scenarios that simulate real-life situations that pertain to the chosen life skill (we work closely with you to determine what what will be the most beneficial for the girls). Through these activities, we are able to provide insight on how to create positive situations, and strategies for responding and reacting when faced with these everyday experiences.


Some of the badges the troops have earned in conjunction with our GAALS workshops:

Daisies (K&1)

Courageous & Strong

Respect Myself & Others

Honest & Fair

Responsible for What I Say/Do

Friendly & Helpful

Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout


Brownies (2&3)

Fair Play

My Great Day

Making Friends

My Best Self

Journey: A World of Girls

Juniors (4&5)

Practice with Purpose


Social Butterly

Staying Fit

aMuse Journey 

Cadettes (6-8)

Journey: MEdia

Journey: aMAZE


Good Sportsmanship

Seniors & Ambassadors (9-12)



Healthy Living

Good Sportsmanship


Creative Play

Please contact us and provide the following information:

  • What town are you located in?
  • What school?
  • Where are your meetings held?
  • When do you typically meet (days / times)?
  • How many girls are in your troop?
  • What grade(s)?
  • Do you have a petal/badge you are trying to earn? If so, which one(s)?

Pricing is based on the above information. Once we hear from you, we can get back to you with pricing.
Note: There is a minimum of 12 participants or $240. Some exceptions may apply.

Call us: 917.716.5228
Email Us >

Once you’ve put your desired date on hold by reaching out to us directly (via email or phone), you need to:


During the process, you will be given options as to how to provide us with waivers for all participants, as well as options on how to make your deposit.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must do all three things in order to secure your date (booking, waivers, deposit).

**You can also find  waiver information and payment options, as well as the cancellation policy, by clicking on the below tabs.**


​Your workshop is reserved once we receive payment in full. Upon registration, you’ll be given various payment options, listed below:

Click to pay by Venmo

Click to pay by Chase Quickpay
search for email: dawn@GAALSusa.comFree Bank Transfer with Zelle
Check if your bank participates. Here are a few: Bank of America, Capital One, TD, Citi, Wells FargoPAYPAL
Click to pay by Paypal
Please be sure to add the name of your child and date of program under Paypal notes.CHECK
Make payable to: GAALSusa
GAALS, PO Box 816, Plandome, NY 11030
Note: Please send check promptly. We expect receipt within 2 days of registration.

GAALS & PAALS must have a waiver for all participants – children and adults participants. We need to receive waivers at least 24 hours prior to the event. As the organizer of the event, you have two options for the waivers:

  1. Provide the information on behalf of the group during registration. Make sure at that time you have each Participant’s Name, Parent/Guardian’s Name (if participant is under 18), Email & Phone Number.
  2. Send us an email on behalf of the group that says the following: As the organizer of this event, I hereby assume all risks and responsibility for any losses and/or damages that may occur during my troops voluntary participation in GAALS & PAALS programs/activities and/or use of equipment.I understand that there is a risk of injury associated with participation in physical activities. The instructional programs/activities at GAALS & PAALS may result in injury including but not limited to: abrasions, cuts, strains, fractures, other. These may be caused by accidents, forces of nature, foreseeable or unforeseeable causes including negligence of the participant or others.Include each Participant’s Name, Parent/Guardian’s Name (if participant is under 18), Email & Phone Number.
  3. Send parents our waiver and they can fill out and submit to us via email. If they cannot email, you will be responsible for submitting their forms to us in advance. If they are writing in their information, please note that the form must be complete and legible.

Waiver Form

Please notify us ASAP if there are changes to your workshop date, location or number of girls. The sooner you notify us of a change, the more likely it is that we can accommodate you.

Workshop deposits are non-refundable but may be applied to a future workshop.

If the workshop is cancelled more than one week prior, it may be rescheduled for $25. Less than one week prior, the workshop may be rescheduled for $50.

For Signature Plus 30 – Create It Workshops, if the supplies have already been purchased, up to $15 per girl is non-transferrable/refundable.

Space rental deposits are refunded on a case-by-case basis (dependent on policies of location & current manager).


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