Our Mission & Approach

We Empower Girls.

Mission & Approach

GAALS programs empower girls of all ages to build character, confidence and life skills by engaging in fun, active games designed to spark meaningful conversations about their feelings and experiences.

Our unique approach integrates physical activities with group dialogue facilitated by mentors, giving girls a rare opportunity to connect with their peers in a nurturing environment. This enables them to gain valuable insights and develop strategies to navigate their daily lives more effectively.

By sharing their experiences, girl have the powerful realization that others have similar thoughts and feelings, which helps them:

  • Build healthy relationships and resilience
  • Cultivate the courage to challenge themselves
  • Embrace, respect and value who they are
  • Face each day with a positive attitude


GAALS has the power to make a lifelong impact on any young girl, tween, teen or woman. Whether she is athletic or artistic, competitive or passive, spirited or trying to find her voice, GAALS welcomes every girl unconditionally.


Our programs are designed to celebrate, challenge and develop the emotional, social and physical well-being of every girl.  Current, age-appropriate life themes are woven through each GAALS program and reinforced through interactive, physical games, problem solving group activities and relevant dialogue. Our leaders and mentors create a supportive environment for girls to speak candidly, and safely explore their feelings.


In today’s world, children’s lives are typically very structured, starting at a young age. They have little time for unstructured play and independent exploration. Technology, along with societal pressures, make it even more challenging.  Girls crave connections and face-to-face communication. As parents, it is our responsibility to provide our daughters with these opportunities, and experiences that will help them figure out how to balance their lives. They need a space to engage their bodies and minds in fun, active healthy ways. GAALS is that place.


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