PAALS Coed & Boys Only Programs

Elementary and Middle School programs for Boys and Preschool camps for Boys and Girls

 PROGRAMS for BOYS for Elementary & Middle School


for Elementary & Middle School

Finally, a place where your son can get in the game without the fear of not being good enough, regardless of his skill level! PAALS offers fun, non-competitive classes where boys learn physical skills used in a wide variety of sports, and valuable life skills. Actually, at PAALS, we connect the dots so kids don’t just learn how these skills are used on the field, but they learn how to apply them off the field in their relationships and daily experiences.

 PRESCHOOL CAMPS for Boys & Girls


for Boys & Girls

PAALS camps teach a wide variety of fundamental movement skills, like balance, hand-eye coordination, agility, and jumping, along with valuable life skills, like focus, persistence and communication. Our goal is to provide them with skills that can be applied to sports and to everyday life. We achieve this by integrating physical activities, group games and rt projects while cultivating a supportive and nurturing environment. Through this approach, children feel comfortable participating, trying new things and expressing themselves.

 Group Workshops Team Building, Leadership & Friendship

Group Workshops

Team Building, Leadership & Friendship

Empower your group with our unique, customized, fun, active and engaging workshops. GAALS or PAALS will come to your location and facilitate a workshop that suits the needs of any group –  teachers, sport teams, camp counselors, boards or friends – large or small. young or old, male and/or female. We work closely with you to ensure engaging activities that spark relevant discussions that deliver on your goals, and help alleviate any challenges the group may be facing.

 School Assemblies & Workshops Fitness & Empowerment Initiatives

School Assemblies & Workshops

Fitness & Empowerment Initiatives

From wellness initiatives & family programs to recess & friend group workshops, our empowerment programs help to build a community of respectful and confident leaders, with an emphasis on maintaining positive, healthy relationships.


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