PAALS (coed: girls & boys)

Tips & Tricks to Make Errands / Responsibilities Easier for Busy Moms

(3 minute read) Following up on last week’s blog with tools and tips for busy moms on How to Manage the Family and Free Up Time, here are 4 extras (but these aren’t all about the kids).   1) Grocery Shopping This is a biggie. What a time suck! To assist in the process, I have a […]

The Importance of Helping Our Kids Find & Practice Balance

(3-minute read) For most parents, the transition from summer to school is not easy – despite the fact that we do it year after year.  During the summer there’s ample time to incorporate various activities into our lives, but during the school year there don’t seem to be enough hours to get to everything, like […]

5 Tips on How to Lead By Example So Your Child Will Have Positive Growth this School Year

(5-minute read) Ahhhhh Summer…not only is it a season full of sunshine, swimsuits, s’mores, and smiles, it is also a time where kids can let loose and relax.  At least until Labor Day rolls around and the days get shorter. Ads no longer feature kids splashing and playing outdoors. Store aisles are lined with school […]

Open Your Mind to Trying New Things & Gain These 6 Benefits

There’s just something nice about a routine. It supports discipline and encourages reliability – two great character traits. Let’s face it, safe and familiar are comfortable. But opening our minds to new things, like food, classes, or even a new hairstyle – is sometimes more challenging. In response, many of us resist or even fear […]

Have An Attitude of Gratitude With These 4 Proven Practices

This time last year, I had been working on GAALS full-time for a little over a year. I spent countless hours on the business, teaching 19 classes a week and trying to build awareness about what we do, how we do it and why it’s so important. Needless to say, it was exhausting, and definitely […]

Teaching Our Children Responsibility

The best life experiences we can offer our children aren’t only the ones where we set them up and/or pay for them to gain valuable skills — like volunteering to stuff backpacks for kids in need, having them spend a summer during high school studying at a university, or working at an orphanage in Ecuador. Perhaps it’s when children have the responsibility of finding and keeping a job…learning how to prioritize/manage their time, take orders, follow directions, be proactive, and so much more – that they truly learn valuable skills – including the value of a dollar.