PAALS (coed: girls & boys)

Encourage Your Children To Set Resolutions for 2019 & Use These 10 Tips To Foster Success

New Year’s resolutions are an opportunity to inspire change. But, contrary to popular belief, they aren’t just for adults. There is plenty of room for every individual to learn and grow, especially with all of the promise and opportunity that a brand new year provides. Even preschool aged children can set age-appropriate goals when given […]

The Perfect Staycation Plan for Families: Playful & Productive

(4.5 minute read) Home for the vacation?  Well, you’re in luck. I spent time putting together the perfect staycation plan for families because I believe the staycation is highly underrated. They are relaxing, enjoyable, and budget-friendly. I mean, actual vacations aren’t always realistic. Whether it’s time, money, work obligations, or something else that keeps us from a […]

Have Holiday Gifts For Our Children Gotten Out of Control?

(2.5 min read) When I was a child, celebrating Hanukkah was filled with love and joy. I learned about its history, and on each of the eight nights we spent time talking about the destruction of the temple and the miracle of lights. As part of our celebration, we also sang melodic songs, ate delicious […]

9 Everyday Situations & How to Respond In Ways that Teach Your Child Valuable Life Lessons

(3-minute read) Growing up, feeling good about myself was a daily challenge. I recognized that I was friendly, independent, active and fun-loving, but the fact that I was a little chubby and uncoordinated was always on my mind. I let those flaws overshadow my many positive qualities. Although I’ve come a long way since I was […]

Do You Find Yourself Apologizing Unnecessarily? Learn How to Identify Sorry Worthy Situations & Effective Ways to Approach Those that Aren’t.

Take 5-minutes to get the tools you need to stop saying I’m sorry unnecessarily and start modeling for your daughter empowering and respectful ways to communicate. I never considered myself one of those people who apologizes for everything. You know the type. The ones who seem to sugar coat everything. The ones that wilt easily and/or don’t […]

How to Raise A Responsible & Independent Child

(5-minute read) Now that you’re back into the swing of the things with shuttling your children around, helping with homework, making lunches and more, you might find yourself overwhelmed and/or looking for some well-deserved time for yourself. Well I’ve got great news for you. I have a solution for you that will give you back […]

How to Get What Your Child Wants (and Needs) Out of Youth Sports Programs

(2-minute read) Youth sport programs. Whenever I hear parents talking about them, the conversation seems to go on and on. However, there is a vast difference between what parents who prioritize competition have to say, versus those parents who prioritize fun.  It is the latter group with whom I connect.  Why you ask? Because research repeatedly finds […]

How to Circumvent The Dangers of the Social Media Highlight Reel with Your Child

(5 ½ minute read) I vividly recall one Christmas break a few years back. My husband was scrolling through Facebook and saw all of the amazing places people were vacationing while we were on a staycation. He turned to me and said, “I think we are the only ones stuck in town, while everyone else […]

4 Proven Tools for Stress Relief

(4.5 minute read) Let’s face it, no matter how positive and level headed we may try to remain, stress is an unavoidable part of life. As moms, we are constantly juggling the various demands of our daily routines. Between work obligations, kids schedules, cooking, cleaning, social lives, community involvement, and anything else you might prioritize, […]

Tips & Tricks to Make Errands / Responsibilities Easier for Busy Moms

(3 minute read) Following up on last week’s blog with tools and tips for busy moms on How to Manage the Family and Free Up Time, here are 4 extras (but these aren’t all about the kids).   1) Grocery Shopping This is a biggie. What a time suck! To assist in the process, I have a […]