PAALS Multi-Sport Athletic Programs for Boys

Communication, teamwork, persistence, sportsmanship, focus, and problem-solving for Elementary & Middle School boys.

Finally, a place where your son can benefit from sports programs for boys and get in the game without the fear of not being good enough, regardless of his skill level! PAALS offers fun, non-competitive classes where boys learn physical skills used in a wide variety of sports, and valuable life skills like communication, teamwork, persistence, sportsmanship, focus, problem-solving and more. At PAALS, children typically gain more than they do by participating on a sports team. How? Because we connect the dots so kids don’t just learn how these skills are used on the field, but they are taught how to apply them off the field in their relationships and daily experiences.

Taught by Male Athlete, Teacher, Tutor, Mentor, Inspiration

Elementary School (4th & 5th grades)  5:45p to 7:15p

$30 up to 24 hours in advance

$40 at the door

Middle School (6th – 9th grades)      7:30p to 9:00p

$30 up to 24 hours in advance

$40 at the door

United Methodist Church:
35 Middle Neck Road, Port Washington, NY 11050

We encourage you to register in advance. Please note that y​our spot is only secured once payment is received.


Note: If you would like to register within 24 hours of the program, please email us to see if it’s a possibility. Additional fees may apply.

​Your spot is reserved once we receive payment in full. Upon registration, you’ll be given various payment options, listed below:

Click to pay by Venmo

Click to pay by Chase Quickpay
search for email: dawn@GAALSusa.comFree Bank Transfer with Zelle
Check if your bank participates. Here are a few: Bank of America, Capital One, TD, Citi, Wells FargoPAYPAL
Click to pay by Paypal
Please be sure to add the name of your child and date of program under Paypal notes.CHECK
Make payable to: GAALSusa
GAALS, PO Box 816, Plandome, NY 11030
Note: Please send check promptly. We expect receipt within 2 days of registration.

What to Wear

  • Participants should wear sneakers, gym attire and their hair up (if possible).
  • Non-restrictive shirts and pants without buttons, zippers, rhinestones, etc are preferred.
  • No jewelry and/or hair accessories that will get in their way (or they may need to remove it)


  • No food allowed other than at designated space and time determined by program leaders.
  • No gum or candy permitted at any time or place.

Personal Belongings

  • Please be sure to take all belongings with you upon leaving, as we don’t have an official lost and found and can’t be responsible for remembering what items belong to whom. If you should leave behind something that is labeled with your name, you will be notified.
  • Special items like electronic devices, purses, dolls/stuffed animals, etc. can be a distraction, so we prefer if you keep them home. If you must bring something, it will stay with your child’s belongings and will not be permitted during our program.

Payments are non-refundable. However, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from joining us.

If notified via email 2 hours prior to the event, the full amount less $20 may be applied to a future event. If we do not receive an email by this time, no credit will be applied.

Note: When you are registering in the future and would like to apply your credit, please make a note saying, “ Please apply credit from (insert date you missed).”

On the occasion that GAALS must cancel the event, you will be notified via email and all monies will be reimbursed within 2 weeks in the original form of payment.


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